CLM-400 Cage Lathe Machine

CLM-400 is a portable lathe machine, whose main structure is composed by a cylindrical cage, made by mechanical spins and which can be split in half. This machine is suitable for operating directly on-site on complex shafts, whose extremities are not accessible: operating in these conditions could be almost impossible by applying traditional portable machine tools.

Principle of functioning

About the functioning, the feed of the tool in axial direction was designed automatic through an endless screw system, while its radial feed is regulated manually by means of an adjusting micrometric screw.

The cutting motion is instead given to the tool itself thanks to the rotational motion around the machined cylinder.

This rotational motion is transmitted primary by a highly efficient electric motor, adjusted with an inverter.

Beside the motor, there’s a gearbox which leads two pinions: a mechanical chain mounted around these pinions, moves a couple of racks realizing a further velocity reduction. The two crowns are equipped with precision rail guides which slide on pre-installed and centered calibrated rings on the machining shaft. The CLM-400 was designed following the mouldability principle, that is the ability to be adapted on the working geometry: it means it has telescopic adjustment column and radial screws on the calibrated rings, which establish respectively the working length and diameter.

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