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Bearings seats cushions

The bearings, are a key element for rotating machines of all kinds. It is only through these elements, properly working in their seats, that rotating parts, rotors, I can rotate to fulfill their function. There are so many types of bearings used on machines, and in this case, we will concentrate on those of which the main rotating machines are fitted, primarily in the industrial sectors of Oil & Gas and Power Generation and in every other sector where there are machines rotary (mills, mills, rotating cylinders, rocker presses, agitators, etc.). These are the “hydrodynamic” bearings, both radial and axial (thrust bearings).


Customers’ requirements, during on-site maintenance work on machines, may vary from picking up faults on bearings themselves, changes to machine upgrades. In the first case, defects in the seats, we are faced with deteriorated surfaces due to accidental accidents during operation, even lasting over time. In the second case, upgrade, a geometric change is required to implement new technologies that improve machine operation. In any case, it is used to process the bearings of bearings.


Our team of technicians, specialized in barrel-making operations, is trained to handle all types of machining required, which has obviously been studied and engineered in collaboration with our on-site service technician. Barnetting processes allow to work both cylindrical surfaces (in the case of radial bearings) and flat surfaces (thrust bearings). A peculiarity of the pillow seat cushions is that one or more perfectly machined machining operations can be carried out with other rotating surfaces (other bearing seats, other surfaces in general). The bearing machine is made up of 2 or more bearings (as appropriate), in which the barley bore bar rotates and runs. One of these bearings is attached to the bearing machine with its electronic control unit. The offering of bearings milling workings extends for executions in operation anywhere in the world whether the machine is installed.


As required by customers, the results of the process of filling the pillow seats reach very high precision levels. For these specific cases, we are talking about a maximum runoff of 1 cent mm (0.01 mm) and superficial surface finishes at the level of rectification, with surface roughness values ​​of less than 0.8 microns. Of course, compliance with all dimensional, shape and position tolerances is guaranteed as required by the technical reference drawing. This is very important for bearings, which work properly due to the uniformity of the pressurized oil in the bearing housings themselves.

Custom Solutions

Each processing required by Nuova Simat requires analysis and implementation with non standard equipment and methodologies, customized for every single customer request. This service, also based on the use of appropriately adapted standard machineries, allows the best result with the best value for money.

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