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Internal cylindrical boring allows the realization of cylindrical seats of bushes, bearings, hydrodynamic pads and gas, or oil, seals either during maintenances and repairs or on new machines. The working diameter starts from about 30mm to over 2mt. It is possible to work multiple coaxial surface that have a pitch of over 6mt. Such seats can be realized aligned and concentric with other existing seats at less than 1/100mm tolerance.
It is possible to work seats and eyebolts in earth-moving machines, civil and industrial structures, thermal engines and alternate compressors’ cylinders and turbomachines, in addition to machine housings internally.

Boring machines are frequently used to obtain parts’ coupling in the assembling phase, for instance on bucket-arm connection on excavators, or joining machine-supports- or basement-supports in turbomachines.

Boring machines are suitable to realize weld beads through welding torch circular and axial movements automatically driven obtaining a uniform and regular fill of welding material (both on external and internal surfaces); it is possible to weld inside small diameters that would be unreachable otherwise.

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