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    • In-line boring (for blind holes as well)
    • Internal and external overlay welding (on blind holes as well)
    • Drilling
    • Tapping
    • Planar grinding
    • Creating Seeger grooves
    • External machining
    • Threading

    The consolidated experience and the unquestioned success of our machines allow us to satisfy the evolutions of issues that arise in the world of mechanics, by improving and extending the production and the profit of our customers, through innovative solutions that may ensure the highest precision and durability

    W series machines (9 models) can bore form 22 up to 1700mm in their standard configuration or with dedicated accessories.

    It is possible to evaluate extra-range applications, using special equipment.

    In order to execute complex surface machining, CNC version is available.

Main technical characteristics

W series is characterized by a PATENTED AND CUTTING-EDGE GEAR SYSTEM to achieve high efficiency and performance: “WORM GEAR WHEEL”;

Particular attention has been paid to the realization of gears profiles in order to guarantee a better contact among surfaces and the elimination of vibrations and noise during operation.

MOTORS: The power has reached elevated standards, ideal for any applicative situation that requires motion linearity, overload capacity and load control with high inertia. Magnetized and tested one by one, they guarantee reliability and efficiency. They are characterized by:

  • Permanent magnets made of calibrated ferrite, with a high coercive force
  • Multi-bladed collector to obtain a perfect commutation
  • 4-poles tachometric dynamo with rare earth magnets built into the motor
  • IP54 protection level
  • Skewed armature for smooth running at low speeds

Electronic control panel with diagnostic display

Electronical control panel with Sir Meccanica diagnostic display, within the program called “Global Security Project” has designed an Electronic Control Panel that is able to optimize the performance of the machine and to allow a simple and valid control of all the functions. The new system allows to carry out any replacement without the assistance of specialized personnel and without sending the control panel to Sir Meccanica. Indeed, it can be repaired without any equipment and in a few minutes, directly on-site. If there is an error signal, due to an incorrect use, a code will appear indicating the solution through the quick consultation of the Manual. The new series of control panels with serial number starting with “WS5” has a new drive system with an optimizedand more performing power circuit that guarantees major reliability and a finer stability of control. Moreover, the drive circuit has an electric brake system that limits the inertial movements, reducing the braking distanceand consequently increasing the stroke of the machine up to a maximum of 20 mm. A digital counter has been implemented for a correct control of the machining time. Self-centering sliding support with pneumatic expansion

Self-centering, damping system with pneumatic espansion

Innovative system, simple and brilliant, that makes machining operations more precise and effective, even over extended axial lengthsGoal: the shaft has to be constantly and precisely centered/aligned.

Purpose: the system is designed and created to make the Sir Meccanica machines’ work optimal and precise on specific applications. Benefits

  • Solidity e hardiness
  • Maximum independence from external constraints
  • Vibrations damping

As a result of virtual environment and laboratory experimental tests, the system proves to be of great quality. This pneumatic damping system with axial sliding ensures an excellent finish in each kind of application and at any condition even over unlimited lengths. Self-Centering Connectable Shafts with Conical Coupling

The connectable shafts with conical coupling are the result of sir meccanica's latest research

The main purpose of Sir Meccanica’s research and development work is to carry on a commitment, started years ago, on precision couplings and related stress resistance. More specifically, Sir Meccanica has effected studies on the locking methods of conical couplings used to assemble moving and fixed parts that are able to transmit elevated torques or to join slender axial components that able to resist to great torsional and bending moments.


  • High precision and quality in coaxial positioning
  • Excellent resistance and durability
  • Easy assembly and disassembly
  • Useful in case of repeated coupling/uncoupling of parts
  • Excellent control of the level of interference between the coupled surfaces.
  • Resistance to wear and to the stresses in the course of time.
  • Interchangeability

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