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Nuova Simat BSC PLUS bench, CE certified, is built in high-strength steel and is able to withstand torques up to 80000Nm.

The bench, small-sized, runs on two rails that allow the usage of pistons of different lengths.

In case of need, it can be pulled out from the guides and transported directly on site.

The bench is fitted with a hydraulic wrench, hexagon female insert, that provides a tightening capacity up to and beyond 80000Nm on nuts over 200mm.

hydraulic press (anchored to the wall or to the ground – PS or PT system) is provided to prevent the rotation of the piston while the bench is working.

Technical features:

  • Applicable torque: 80000 Nm
  • Hexagon sizes: 200 mm end beyond
  • Bench weight: 500 Kg
  • Bench dimension: 1000 X 1200 X 900 mm (h)
  • CE Certifications
  • Hexagon reductions kit (accessory)
  • Hydraulic wrench support
  • Customized configurations

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