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Power transmission joints

Power transmission joints are very important elements in a mechanical system that needs to transfer the motion from one member to another with a transmission ratio equal to 1. Especially between machines that produce energy (such as turbines, for example) and the various utilities utilize the power coupling system coupled by calibrated tie rods. These transmit power through the cutting forces that solicit the tie rods themselves and not through the friction.

The working mode in operation

It is evident the importance of working the two components of the power coupling directly in operation, when they are already mounted, then with the coupling in the operating position, with the holes already aligned. Only by finishing the finishing work can you obtain a hole with a precise axis and a good surface finish. Often the boring operation requires the use of very small machines because the space on one side and the other of the power joint holes is very limited by the presence of the case of the respective machines (turbines, gearboxes, compressors, pumps, generators, etc.) that are already mounted and ready to work.

Joint boring machines

Machines for drilling holes for power transmission joints with calibrated tie rods are barne. These are fitted with a special equipment that allows mounting and adjusting on the joints of the joint itself. In the case of hardening in very narrow spaces, as described above, it is possible to use compact joining machines for joints with the rotating bar only and the moving tool that runs to carry out the boring work

Accurate measurements

Joining joints are followed by lapping – honing – carried out to bring the surface roughness to very low values. On the holes of the power transmission joints, very scrupulous measurements are carried out through diameters, very precise instruments that can detect the diameters at various points of the hole with a precision even above the centimeter. If the customer so requests, measurements can be made with portable DEA machines that can map the diameters and hub centers by issuing graph graphs of the measurement.

Customizing boring machines

The issues to be faced with on mounted machines are many, and often a standard cutter does not have the right features for working boring bores. In these cases, Nuova Simat intervenes by designing and producing customized special equipment that allows the timing machine to be mounted correctly on the joint, optimum adjustment on the holes, and a precise and reliable blade performance.

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