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Importance of the holes

As with so many constructive elements used in mechanical design, the most important ones are certainly holes, passers-by or blind, cylindrical or threaded. Holes are very important elements, especially for coupling elements. For this reason, a specific section is devoted to those which may be the most varied execution of drilling and tapping.


Nuova Simat receives many requests for drilling and tapping, with the most varied dimensions and positions on the elements that include them. We perform drilling and tapping from the full, hence non-existent holes, and drilling and tapping of existing holes that need to be widened for repair, or project modification. Another peculiarity of drilling and tapping is the ability to perform them in any position and orientation, with reference to the surfaces defined by the project.

Customized Equipment and Anchors

To fulfill the purpose of obtaining drilling or tapping according to specifications, we employ a number of dedicated solutions to achieve a satisfactory result. It is very often required to design and construct an equipment to allow the machines to drill and tappet in the correct position, with appropriate guides for the tools to cut properly and to provide a secure and secure attachment


For drilling and tapping there are many possibilities, such as drilling machines or tapping machines, which are chosen according to the hole or thread to be executed. It goes from industrial hydraulic drills, capable of drilling up to about 150mm (6 “), magnetic anchor traps, to pneumatic drills. I can also study drilling or boring solutions by reworker tools to reach much larger dimensions of the individual drilling rigs. The same applies to tappings, so hydraulic or pneumatic tappets are available, varying in size depending on the tapping size required.


It is absolutely clear that the result of a drilling or tapping is obtainable by the design, and accordingly is shown in the drawing, in dimensional terms, of tolerances (dimensional, shape and position) and surface finish, which in the case of Drilling can also result in grinding work, such as reaming / honing.

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