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In all kinds of mechanical structures connected by bolts, it is important to perform tightening keeping the force applied on the bolt controlled; this way only ensures that the mechanical characteristics of the whole structure will be optimal. Moreover, when bolts are fastened with high forces, proper equipment is necessary to perform their loosening.

For these operations, we may count on a highly specialized staff and all typical equipment to perform dynamometric bolting: hydraulic wrenches, hydraulic tensioners, torque multipliers, manual dynamometric wrenches.

It is possible to perform tightening/loosening up to 80.000Nm torque values or tensioning up to approximately 4000kN, both for earth (compressors, flanges, heat exchangers, wind farms etc.) and subsea applications, using proper equipment.

We may provide flat profile and female hexagon hydraulic wrenches in case of low clearance applications or long bolts.

Power packs for bolting devices can be electrically, pneumatically, manually driven or with combustion engine.

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