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Portable machines to grind/lap sealing surfaces, wedges and flanges of industrial valves (gate valves, globe valve, safety ones etc.). Wide possibility of usage in conventional electric power plant, nuclear plants, maintenance companies, refineries, chemical plants, shipyards, sugar factories, valve production and in many other sectors.

SL Series

Portable grinding and lapping machine for the repair of sealing seats (in gate valves, non-return valves), wedges and flanges of DN 20 – 2000 mm (3/4“- 80“).

HSL Series

Portable high-speed grinder for the machining of hard sealing surfaces (≥ 35 HRC) in gate valves and wedges of DN 175-600 mm (DN 7”-24”). Working time reduction up to 90%.

TSV Series

Grinding and Lapping Machines for safety valves DN range 15-300 mm (½”-12”). The EFCO TSV are portable grinding and lapping machines with eccentric movement for an absolute flatness and crosshatch finish of sealing surfaces.

VSA Series

High-speed grinding machines for machining of build-up welding, flat and conical sealing surfaces in valves, pump housings and flanges of DN 20 – 1500 mm (¾“ – 59“)

VALVA Series

Portable machines for grinding and lapping of flat sealing surfaces on valves, flanges etc. DN 8 – 1600mm (1/4”-64”). Particularly, VALVA-SV1 has been developed for machining safety valves.

VSK Series

Special tools to grind conical seats DN 8-300mm (¼-12”). Possibility of machining several standard seat angles (30°,40°,60°,75°,90°) and personalized ones.

HSS Series

High-speed machines to grind gate and non-return valves DN 80-600mm (3 1/4″-24”) with the possibility of correcting the shape (angles included) of seal seats. These machines are preferably used when high-performance abrasive is required. This is always the case when sealing surfaces have to be partially or completely renewed.

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