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Nuova Simat hydraulic torque wrenches are manufactured to ensure maximum efficiency and reliability in tightening and loosening.

NS series wrenches

NS series wrenches come with male square drive from 3/4″ up to 2 1/2″, to use them with any type of impact socket (hexagonal, bihexagonal, etc.) and to ensure torque accuracy of ± 3% on a wide torque range, from 100 up to 135.000 Nm.

NSX series wrenches

NSX series wrenches have female hexagon (or bi-hexagon) drive and are manufactured to work in narrow gapsand on very long screws. Links are available in sizes from 13 to over 180mm; they guarantee an accuracy of ± 3% on a wide torque range, from 55 up to 62.000 Nm.

Both series are available with various accessories such as special reaction arms, inserts, and so on.
For extra-range applications, please request a personalized evaluation.

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