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Impact wrenches are probably the most strained and “mistreated” device of all industrial tools. They are normally used wherever nuts or bolts need to be loosened or tightened. Their practicality is mainly appreciated in cases of stuck joints due to corrosion, thus allowing the operator to carry out the job with great ease and without any particular effort.

Impact wrenches are widely used in a variety of sectors:

  • ndustrial assembly lines
  • Infrastructures
  • Construction and ship-building
  • Automotive

What allows distinguishing one impact wrench from the other should not consist in its price, but in the quality of the product that, in particular, concerns the employed materials, the impact mechanism and the weight/power ratio.

An impact mechanism which is properly designed and manufactured has mechanically, thermally and chemically finished surfaces, to make it shock, wear and corrosion resistant, thus granting long life duration of the tool; moreover, if the single components have been manufactured with due attention, the noise and vibrations will be considerably and noticeably reduced during operation.

A low weight/power ratio will allow to benefit of the necessary power with an inferior tool weight; this choice represents a main advantage for daily and continuous use of the tool as it avoids overtiring the operators.

The adjustment and control of the torque are further important aspects. If torque regulation depends exclusively on the personal judgment of the operator, on the contrary it is possible to control the torque using torsion barsdesigned to transmit a precise and well defined torque; over this torque value the bar itself will absorb the exceeding force in order not to damage the screw/nut joint.

Last but not least, the quality and shape of the impact sockets are also important. Only high quality impact sockets, with correct angles and tolerances, are able to transmit effectively the nominal torque without damaging the tool!

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