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Overview |

We supply machines for hollow bolts tightening and loosening through magnetic induction, a technology that allows heating directly to the bolt’s hearth in total safety and reducing heating times up to 90% in comparison with classical methods.

This method is particularly indicated for operating on industrial turbine cases and industrial compressors. That’s why this product is extremely useful for all those companies that operate in the Oil&Gas Industry.

How does it work? |

Imagine an hollow bolt. Now Imagine a cilindrical inductor getting into the hollow bolt. Afterwards the machine is turned on and a magnetic induction effect is generated. This magnetic field only invest the desired lenghts so as to avoid any damage or deformation to the thread.

Safety First |

Our magnetic induction bolting system is safe for both your industrial components and for those who operate it. In fact, it’s possible to heat only the core of the hollow bolt without affecting the thread. On the other hand, this application is extremely different from other obsolete and risky methods of bolt tightening, since there is no hot parts getting around the plant.

Versatility |

This machine is great in terms of versatility. All of our on-site services are meant to be done in low clearance, and this machine reflects our style. It’s very small and can moved around the plant with ease thanks to its wheels. Moreover, it relies on an internal cooling system, which translates into the fact that no external liquid sources are needed.

Customization |

Our main capability is to offer customized solution, everywhere | everytime. It is possible to produce different type of inductors in terms of diameter they need to fit or lenght they need to heat. We just have no limits in creating inductors.


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