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Regarding the manufacturing of products that will have to produce or use huge power, it is necessary to tighten/loose big dimension and high-strength bolts.

Nuova Simat performs these operations with a MAGNETIC INDUCTION system, highly safe for the operators, that noticeably decreases both times of operations and heating temperatures in comparison with classical methods. Operators are highly qualified for the execution of the job according to the technical specifications outlined by the customer.

The system is applicable to all those bolts that have a central axial hole from Ø 9 to 34mm (either through or blind) and are made of magnetizable materials (almost all steels such as Inox, Duplex and Nimonic).

The magnetic field is produced by a special inductor, light and maneuverable, that, being refrigerated by a proper internal water flow, keeps its temperature low and constant even after many hours of continuous operation. The machine only needs to be electrically connected and it does not produce residual magnetic fields.

Main benefits

  • Heating time reduction up to 80% and decrease of handling times between one bolt and the others
  • Extreme safeness as the inductor always stays at low temperature in order to be used by the operator with common protective gloves
  • Maximum versatility of the machine as it only need electrical feed and can be moved manually or with classical lifting systems
  • Machine equipped with auto-diagnostic systems to prevent failures
  • CE conformity and electromagnetic emission certifications according to current regulations

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