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The laser

The laser is a coherent light beam produced by a transmitter that amplifies an electromagnetic wave, through stimulated emission.
The consistency properties of the laser space and time phase are the main reasons why this is suitable for certain applications.
Precision is the main peculiarity of laser beams, which results in the use in geometric measuring systems, using instruments called “laser tracker“.
These systems allow geometrical surveys, even profiles with complex shapes, and alignments of components, with extreme precision.


Our laser trackers consist of a rotating emitting /receiving unit in a semi-spherical field, able to automatically follow a probe that can acquire the position of a point by a simple touch. The system is equipped with a PC/software connected real time with the tracker to record the data collected and to make post-editing according to the customer’s request
This results in the ability to perform a wide range of laser tracker pads, such as:• survey of the geometric profile of mechanical components;
• alignment of mechanical components;
• alignment of turbine boxes;
• alignment of turbine stator diaphragms;
• verification of the coaxiality of the bearings and of the ideal rotation axis of rotary machines;
• alignment of machine support surfaces;
• checks of consistency between nominal design and constructed element;
• verification of relative positioning and in land bubble
• verification of dimensional, geometric and position tolerances
The areas in which this service can be addressed are many, from general mechanical constructions, to mechanical carpentry, up to the installation and setup of machinery (even complex). This is why the sectors of the “Power Generation”, the “Oil & Gas”, the “Petrochemical”, the “Mechanical Manufacturing”, the “Mechanical Service”, the “Naval” sector, etc. are identified as the main ones.

Custom solutions

For every type of request, Nuova Simat elaborates and develops the most suitable and customized system to measure according to the criteria of precision and certainty of the relevant results and alignment using laser trackers. For each requirement, an in-depth study is carried out, which can also result in the construction of instrumentation positioning structures suitable for the site and the product to be measured. If necessary, inspections are carried out for evaluations with the technicians


This technology, applied to laser surveys and alignments, can guarantee results of absolute relevance, both in terms of precision and execution time. The precision, under optimal conditions of measurement is centesimal, despite having a very versatile measuring machine in use. The measurement time is very low: just a few hours are enough for a laser survey, even a complex one. If, in the case of alignments of mechanical components, we compare the timings with traditional methods (plumb line, hydraulic bubbles, coupling test, etc.) with laser systems, we realize that you can save a lot of hours, even days.

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