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Hydraulic cylinders are employed in several applications:

  • lifting
  • retention
  • positioning
  • components of more complex machines

In any case, thanks to the hydraulic jack working principle, it is possible to achieve high forces with low thrustson the lever of a manual pump, or even by electrical or pneumatic power packs.

Available cylinders with thrust capacities from 4 up to 2000 tons, or pull ones from 4 up to 50 tons, in different configurations and dimensions:

  • SM – Single acting, spring return cylinders
  • SAM – Aluminum cylinders, single acting, spring return
  • SH – Single acting with hollow piston cylinders
  • SAH – Aluminum cylinders, single acting with hollow piston
  • SP / SMP – Low height single acting, spring or load return cylinders
  • SPR – Low height single acting, high tonnage, spring or load return cylinders
  • SX / SMX – Low profile single acting, spring or load return cylinders
  • STR – Single acting with lock nut, load return cylinders
  • SAT – Aluminum cylinders, single acting with lock nut, load return
  • SATM – Aluminum cylinders, lock nut, stop ring, single acting, spring return
  • STX – Single acting, pancake, lock nut cylinders
  • SL – Single acting telescopic cylinders
  • SLX – Low height, single acting, telescopic cylinders
  • SSR – Single acting cylinders, high tonnage
  • T / TE / TD – Pull cylinders, single or double acting
  • D – Double acting cylinders
  • DDR – Double acting cylinders, high tonnage
  • DDA – Aluminum, double acting cylinders
  • DH – Double acting, hollow piston cylinders
  • DAH – Aluminum double acting, hollow piston cylinders
  • DM / DI – Double acting production cylinders (metric or UN threads)
  • J – Cylinder – pump – hose Sets

Each cylinder may be equipped with several accessorizes to meet each single operative need.

Along with cylinders, we can supply proper manual pumps or power packs (electrical, pneumatic or with combustion engine), high-pressure hoses, pressure and flow control systems.

It is possible to realize personalized configurations to execute particular liftings, even with electronic control of the balance and to perform big structures weight measurements.

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