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Milling technology

Milling of planes and other surfaces requiring machining is an operation that requires the use of properly configured machines to run the milling itself. In general, milling is a mechanical machining performed by means of a rotating tool to one or more cutting edges, the milling cutter, also provided with linear motion following the plan to be machined. This type of workmanship also allows to remove large quantities of material, directly on structures in operation and in very short time.

Planing mills: wide range of solutions

Nuova Simat has advanced milling machines that are suitable for working planes in any position, bound to their own structure. We have linear milling machines of varying lengths, up to 3000mm, which can be modified in the configuration to meet the various requirements of the work equipment that is going to work. The various cutting parameters adjustable on the cutter can determine different surface qualities, according to the customer’s specific request.

Planar milling: possible machining

The following types of work can be performed:

  • Milling of turbomachines such as gas / steam turbines, electric motors, large size generators and gearboxes
  • Machining presses
  • Milling of partially ground plates in the foundation plan
  • Milling of support plates / mounting of instrumentation on various types of equipment
  • Milling of keystrokes
  • Milling cuttings for the destruction of blocked / seized elements
  • Milling operations on any plane of the most varied types of equipment The milling surface can also be very extensive. In this case, the milling unit will be equipped with a suitable handling system to move from line to line to perform various linear milling. You can make milling in any position: horizontal, vertical, oblique and overhead. There is therefore no limit to milling of planes.

Laser Measuring Support

Milling operations can be supported by laser pads for planarity evaluation of the plan before and after machining.

Design of planing mills

For each case, Nuova Simat can study a custom configuration for the execution of milling, even complex, in compliance with the drawing specifications to obtain precise and functional plans for their use.

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