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Highly precise, handling and reversible dynamometric torque multipliers. They allow tightening in continuous gearing and at a higher speed in comparison with hydraulic wrenches.

These devices are particularly indicated to tighten big nut series or long dimension bolts, as they are able to contrast the elastic torsion that would strain a classical hydraulic wrench.

Pneumatic torque wrenches

Setting the inlet air pressure, wrenches allow a continuous torque value variation on the available range. All pneumatic models are supplied with CE and ATEX certifications (to operate in explosive-risk environments). The connection between motor and multiplier may be rigid or free to permit a comfortable 360° positioning. Available a model that has the handle coaxial with gearing parts as well. Torques range from a minimum of 45 up to a maximum of 11000Nm and, in exceptional cases, up till 48000Nm.

Electrical torque wrenches

Wrenches with very precise electronic control of the torque, available for 100-230V voltages and 50-60Hz frequencies. All of them are provided with free connection between motor and multiplier, for a handling 360° positioning. Torque selection is made through the regulation of the value on the display and the motor is electronically controlled. Torques vary from a minimum of 80 up to a maximum of 12000Nm and, in exceptional case, can reach 42000Nm.

All the models are supplied with CE certification.

EFC shut-off electronic control, 19 torque settings (even customizable), torques from 60 up to 5000 Nm

ECW and EFC, with 90° angled multiplier

EFCip and EFC, torques from 60 to 6500 Nm, protection class IP54

EFCip plus and EFCip, electronic control of the rotation angle (even customizable)

ECWip and EFCip, with 90° angled multiplier

ECWip plus and ECWip, electronic control of the rotation angle (even customizable)

EF with vertical axis, torques from 435 to 42100Nm, available even in IP54 version

EF plus and EF, electronic control of the rotation angle (even customizable)

EFW with 90° angled multiplier, torques from 435 up to 9800 Nm

EFW plus electronic control of the rotation angle (even customizable)

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