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Hydraulic tensioning is currently the preferred method for stud tightening/loosening on many applications such as flanges, heat exchangers, tanks, compressors and turbines housings, etc.

Nuova Simat may offer a wide range of hydraulic tensioners with metric threads, from M20 to M150, or imperial ones, from ¾” to 6”, in case of standard solutions.

However, it is possible to realize personalized solutions for the whole tensioner or for any of its parts (puller, load cell, bridge and nut driver) starting from standard measure. If required, it is possible to design the entire special tensioner.

Available in the standard series

  • PST, for generic applications
  • CST, compact version for limited room applications
  • TSS, for subsea applications
  • DA and CAT, for wind turbine blade applications

With tensioners, we can provide all the necessary equipment to use manual hydraulic pumps, pneumo-hydraulic pumps, high-pressure hoses (tested at pressure 3 times higher than the operating one), quick couplings, manifolds etc.

All tensioners, standard or special ones, are provided with CE conformity certification, in accordance with current regulations related to pressure equipment.

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