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Turning machining

Turning machining is probably the cornerstone of machine mechanics, in which cylindrical rotating elements are the most important part. These components are realized and restored by turning processes, sometimes executed directly on site, where they are installed. The traditional turning on a stationary lathe is performed by rotating the workpiece on the axis of rotation and sliding the tool longitudinally on the generator of the shape you want to obtain. If this operation has to take place where the component is installed, rotation may not be possible and it may not be possible to move the component to a lathe. It is in these cases that our portable turning machines can be resolved.

Components involved in the work

There are many parts of machines, or other types of structures installed in operation that may require turning machining. We can mention the main ones: turbine rotors, compressor rotors, generator shafts, electric motor shafts, rotating hubs such as mills, flywheels, lifting bridges, or other cylindrical elements such as calibrated canes, shaft heads etc. As for the female cylindrical surfaces, we can mention bearing seats, or other rolling bodies, or in general cylindrical coupling holes that require a certain turning precision.

Turning machines

Nuova Simat has many turning machines for on site machining, which can work with multiple possibilities. We can distinguish them initially based on the power of the lathe itself: pneumatic, electric, hydraulic. Then, depending on the machining position, they can be reversed for end machining (hubs, shaft terminals, etc.) and lathes for machining intermediate shafts or other cylindrical elements. Precisely in the latter case, it is important to draw attention to the so-called “cage tower” machines, capable of anchoring on the trees to turn, or displace, very delicate surfaces for the element’s functionality. In some cases, with the possibility of turning rotation of the turning element, we can apply machines that allow controlled axial advance and constitute, in fact, a turning action with excellent results.


It would seem to be deserved, but it is very important to point out that our turning processes can produce surfaces with high dimensional precision and surface roughness comparable to cylindrical grinding, without forgetting that we are working the detail directly on site.

Specially customized custom solutions

Nuova Simat, can guarantee a structured and proven “technical plant” that analyzes and produces customized solutions for executing turning operation. This guarantees the best result for each customer to solve the problem.

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