Special Grinding Machine

TSGM – Special Grinding Machine

Special Grinding Machine for the restoring of turbine/compressor rotors, generator slip rings, bearing seats and other rotating parts.



This is a special Grinding Machine for the restoring of turbine/compressor rotors, generator slip rings, bearing seats and any other cylindrical part,which can rotate. It guarantees low roughness and high precision of surfaces.


The TSGM is designed to restore flatness (of planes or circumferences) of metal surfaces with extreme precision under customer’s specific request. It is designed to work on convex surfaces, and is equipped with a system of springs whose sensitivity is adjustable: this guarantees the possibility to reproduce a surface profile. The latter won’t be at stake. In fact, it operates without impact/affect/change the shape of the piece unless it is explicitly desired.


The machine works by turning, with single-tool, or in belt smoothing mode, which can take place in two directions, longitudinal and transversal depending on the piece to be processed.
This change in direction is accomplished by means of the “Allen600”, an electric powered orthogonal table.°
The processed part must have an independent rotation, and has to be set apart from the TSGM, in front of the central body: it has to be held autonomously by means of suitable supports, able to firmly contain the dynamic actions generat ed by the process.


Among its amazing features there is its versatility: it is a small machine and in addition to the remote control instrument, depending on the logistics conditions of the operating area, it is possible to choose whether to add or remove a number of accessories, in order to increase its functionality or reduce the clutter.

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“PROSSIMA” Project

NUOVA SIMAT S.R.L. Project co-financed under Tuscany POR FESR 2014-2020 Action Line 1.1.2 “PROSSIMA” The main purpose is to realize a process of management, consolidation